Who we are

Reach Asia is known internationally as one of the leading education, digital content and brand license agencies in the UK. We work with an extensive portfolio of online productions, education providers, patent producers and brands, who create quality work and excited to grow their products in the ever-exciting Asian market.

Alongside our core IP licensing trading, our highly knowledgeable and experienced team will listen to your business needs and growth plan, and offering you a tailored Export/Import and business development service support to enable you to break into the foreign market. Our professionals, in-house skilled experts have worked with numerous global firms to commercialise their IP, provided bespoke solutions to help leading tech start-ups, education content producers, commercial brands grow their market shares in a complex Asian market like China. Our successful negotiated IP cases include British Thomas and friends, firemen Sam, etc., Germany’s Flying Dog Travel Notes, South Korea’s music animated vegetables Rhapsody, Canada’s DHX antenna baby, happy baby, Austrian animation series etc.

Why us? 

We are different from the traditional IP management firms and consultants. Our team of experts come from both legal and commercial aspects which means you will have your brands and products protected by the top legal team who also have vast commercial acumen to be able to help you make long term sustainable growth through our abilities and networks with partner contacts and media coverage.

Our Values 

Our value and mission are to be an ethical clients-centred service provider. We listen to the needs of our clients and treat their business as if our own when it comes to serious business plans and actions.  Your growth is our growth.

Our Vision 

Our vision is simple, that is to help our clients reach and growth their market shares in Asia. We strive to be a purposeful firm that can help global business and brands emerge and celebrate in the international market places. That way, through the exchange of cultures, business and communications, we are contributing to the prosperous and stable growth of the globe, bringing the world together and adding values to the world we live in.

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London Office:
71-75 Shelton Street
Covent Garden, London
WC2H 9JQ, United Kingdom

Telephone: 0207 118 8618

Email: info@reachasia.co.uk

Hong Kong Office:
Rm 1501 15/F S Centre
53-55 Lockhart Road
Wanchai, H.K

China Office:
10F, Hualian Building
No. 2008 Shennan Road
Shenzhen, China

Office Telephone: 15889569906

Managing Partner : Toni Liu toni.liu@reachasia.co.uk

Toni has extensive experience working within the international business development fields. She worked with global leading brands such as London Business School, Fuji Xerox, Retail Food Group and The Open University to help them develop and execute global initiatives and commercialisation models to increase market shares and brand exposure. Toni holds a commercial law degree from The University of Auckland, New Zealand and currently living in London.

Managing Partner: Jing Liu Jing.Liu@reachasia.com

Jing heads our International Trademark Department in our China office, including the inside to outside, outside to inside the case of the overall monitoring, maintenance and expand cooperation with foreign countries.

She is leading the team to provide foreign trademark laws and regulations related to consultation and overseas rights protection. She worked on thousands of cases for trademark opposition, review defence, online and offline infringement investigation. Through her wealth of actual combat experience in the development of comprehensive intellectual property protection plan, she is an expert in good licensing through trade and other means to help customers achieve their brand to maximize efficiency. She published articles include “Foreign trademark protection in China”, “IPHONE trademark from the Chinese companies talk about”, “brand authorization — mining IP treasure” and other articles published in the intellectual property professional website. She is the member of AIPPI Member, INTA Member, Guangdong Patent Association and China Trademark Association